Circumstances change. The unexpected happens. At Camp Basenji, we understand that’s how life works. And sometimes, such matters—the cost of caring for a dog in declining health; job loss; or relocation to name but three—force the unimaginable upon us: bidding our best friend farewell.

If your dog has developed health or behavioral issues that are making your life together untenable, we encourage you to review these portions of our website and contact us. Perhaps there is yet a way together we can make the seemingly unworkable work.

But if you have—for whatever reason—decided your Basenji must have a new home, please contact us for rehoming assistance. You also can complete our rehoming form. This we pledge:

  • We at Camp Basenji make no judgments about whether rehoming is necessary or desirable—that is for you, exclusively, to decide. And there is no ‘wrong’ reason.
  • Once you have decided rehoming is the best path forward for you and your B, we want to help. Our focus is exclusively on developing a solution for your Basenji: a safe and sound temporary home as soon as you and your B need one; a loving and happy ‘forever home’ for your Basenji once we have found and approved it.

Some of the happy outcomes we have worked with owners to achieve include:

Jeeves – Phoenix Rising


Fragile Jeeves just after his rescue


Jeeves recovering and on the rise

Sometimes, we get lost in life—really lost. That has been Jeeves’ story. His new rise began when he wandered into the yard of some kind strangers in west central Florida, during ‘winter.’  His bones were covered by an expensive jacket—someone had cared about him. The strangers were unable to find his owners—his microchip was unregistered. A deleted Craigslist post indicated that his owners knew about and were trying to address a medical issue, but the deleted status, which removed contact information, indicated that they must have given up hope that their dear boy could have survived. While the strangers were very dog-friendly people, they were afraid that their big dogs would unintentionally damage this very fragile, frail boy. Their vet thought he looked like a Basenji, so Camp Basenji ranks were about to grow.

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Dana’s Second Childhood


Dana’s fairytale ending…

Sometimes, life just doesn’t work out as we had planned. Dana knows about that. At two years old, after a mysterious start in life, she found herself in the home of a man who adored her. Life was good. It was all about her, then, suddenly, he died after they had just three years together. Faced with the sudden loss, the man’s kind neighbors stepped in to provide stability to Dana in her time of need. Life again was good. She was familiar with these people. Just a little blip in her happy life. Unfortunately, time was marching on for her new adoring owners. Not getting any younger, they decided it was time to move into a retirement residence three years after Dana joined them.

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