Help Cheyenne!

Suggested Price: $1.00

Cheyenne was surrendered by her owner who came to terms with Cheyenne’s medical needs being more than the owner could handle. Cheyenne is a fun-loving, sweet, responsive, easily handled little girl who is less than two years old. Unfortunately, Cheyenne was born with congenital defects, ectopic ureters, which cause her to be incontinent. They can be repaired, but the total cost may be $3000-$5000.

basenji with ectopic uretersWon’t you help Cheyenne to have a normal future? Please enter a ‘1’ in the faintly outlined box above this text and a whole dollar number of the amount you would like to donate in the box next to the ‘ADD TO CART’ button. Click ‘ADD TO CART’ then select ‘VIEW CART’ to continue the checkout process using PayPal, a credit card or a check. Thank you for improving Cheyenne’s life!