Hypothyroidism Resources

Order a thyroid test

At Camp Basenji, we send blood drawn by our vets to Hemopet for testing (Thyroid Profile 5). A non-profit organization, Hemopet—unlike many other outfits—will provide a breed-specific dosage recommendation for your dog.  For information about how to order a thyroid test from Hemopet and general information about hypothyroidism, follow this link to Hemopet.

To learn morethyroid_book

Dr. Jean Dodds (D.V.M.), a veterinarian at Hemopet, has co-authored a well-received book on hypothyroidism. The Canine Thyroid Epidemic: Answers You Need for Your Dog was awarded the Dog Writers Association of America, Best Care and Health Book for 2011 and the Eukanuba Maxwell Canine Health Award. Follow this link to find it on Amazon.com.

For more information from Dr. Dodds regarding the signs of hypothyroidism, visit Healthy Pets.

And for information about natural remedies for hypothyroidism, visit Natural Dog Health Remedies.

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