There are many ways you can donate to Camp Basenji. Click on an image below to choose your preferred donation!

  • General Donations cover general expenses such as supplies, DNA testing, vetting, insurance, food, collars/leashes, etc.
  • Campaign Contributions help address the specific and immediate needs of a specific Basenji, such as an expensive surgery.
  • Sherrie’s Legacy honors the memories of a wonderful basenji lover and advocate, Dr. Sherrie Demirjian.
  • Adoption Fees for the adoption a specific Basenji help cover the costs of care prior to adoption. Adoption Fees are specified by Camp Basenji on the basis of the B’s age, health and other factors.

General Donation

basenji with ectopic ureters needs help

Cheyenne’s Campaign

In memory of Dr. Sherrie Demirjian

Sherrie’s Legacy

Basenji awaiting adoption

Adoption Fee